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Land Titles

Red Deer Registries provides Land Title searches to the general public, as well as to real estate offices, surveyors and other interested parties. Land titles information is public information, all that is required to search a parcel of land is the legal land description.
We do not have the capacity to register any information with Land Titles, but can provide copies of titles, copies of documents and historical searches.

Obtaining Copies of Current Title, Historical Title, Documents and Plans

Current Title
The accuracy of every title is guaranteed by the government under the Torrens System of land registration. Titles identify the current owner and show all outstanding registered interests in the land, such as mortgages, caveats, easements and builders' liens. To obtain a title search you must know the legal description, Land Identification Number Code, (LINC number) or the title number for the property you want to search.
Title searches and copies of documents are available through our office.

Historical Title
If you want to know who owned the property before the current owners, you can request an historical search from our office. Several types of information may be required to locate an historical title such as reference title numbers, owner's name, and legal description. Some historical titles are available on the Alberta Land Titles Automation (ALTA) system while some are on microfilm, or microfiche, depending on when the titles were canceled.

Document Copies
Copies of all registered documents are available from one of the Land Titles offices located in Calgary and in Edmonton. The document registration number must be provided to obtain the search. If a current title search is obtained, the document number can be found on the title.

Survey Plan Copies
Prints of registered plans can be obtained from one of the Land Titles Offices located in Calgary and in Edmonton by quoting the plan number. Plan copies are available on paper, reproducible film or in digital format.
Prints of the registered plans may also be ordered through our office.

Click here for more information regarding the Land Titles System.