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Personal Property

The Personal Property Registry provides on-line registration and search services to support the legislative requirements of the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA). Personal Property registry also supports the enforcement of money judgments and other civil enforcement proceedings that form part of the Civil Enforcement Act (CEA). All information that is stored in Personal Property Registry Information System (PERPIS) is public information. Forms, services and information about registrations and searches are available at our office.

The term "personal property" is used to describe consumer goods such as cars, household and personal items, industrial or farming equipment, or aircraft. It includes all property (other than land) and goods, chattel paper, a security, a document of title, an instrument, money or an intangible.

Certain interests in personal property must be registered in the Personal Property Registry to avoid possible loss of that interest to another person, such as a bank loan or financing a vehicle through a dealership. This would give that other person a better legal right to the property. Registration also enables another person to discover the existence of your interest to prevent unnecessary legal conflicts. It is very important to keep in mind that registration of your interest in the Personal Property Registry does not guarantee priority over all other interests. It is however, a necessary step to protect your interest.

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